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Gear for the Distinguished Gentleman

Gear for the Distinguished Gentleman

DGR-Banner-2019 *Reminder - The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride happens this Sunday, September 29. We have a Team (and invite you to join it!), but regardless of what squad you're with, all registered riders are invited to our pre-ride Coffee Social and Portrait Session—from 7:30-9:30 in Industry City. // Now, for the gear. Start with the Field Armor Kevlar-lined underlayers from Icon. Each comes complete with multiple die-cut D3O armor panels, each sheathed in abrasion resistant Kevlar layer. These layers fit discreetly underneath whatever outfit you’re wearing to provide clandestine protection with way less bulk than a traditional armored jacket or pants. Icon-Field-Armor-Compression-Shirt-1000 The skin is the largest organ on the body, but your brain is the most important. If you’re adhering to the retro theme, the NEXX XG200 throwback dirt helmetprovides classic styling with modern fiberglass construction. Plus it has a mega-wide eyeport for an unhindered field of view in tight conditions. xg200hero-1000 Also retro, sort of, the Arai Defiant X takes some of its styling cues from tracker race helmets of yesteryear. And because Arai is Arai, and they stick to their “r75” round outer shell and trademark external hinge plate—the silhouette of this top-shelf upright/standard street lid isn’t altogether that different than one would have seen sliding sideways in a 70’s era dirt track oval. Old is new again. And Arai is as cool as ever. Other notable and obvious retro helmet choices include the Bell Bullitt, and the Bell Moto 3 (now available in a great black-on-black colorway). And if you must ride a 3/4 open-face, we’re partial to the Bonanza from Biltwell. Since the DGR is all about seeing and being seen, you might find yourself rolling with the shield up, or running a dirt or open face helmet with no shield at all. This is where the Precinct protective riding glassescome in. So named because no matter what borough precinct you’re in, the NYPD officer who pulls you over for an opportunistic “no-shield ticket” can’t ignore the ANSI Z87.1high-impact rating clearly stamped directly onto the lenses—legally required to ride in NYC. Seriously. Precinct-Protective-Hero-1000m Last but not least—the extremities. LPD-1000 Keep your hands swaddled in high-dexterity, highly abrasion-resistant USA-made Lee Parks deerskin—also available in black. And for a dapper black boot that provides support and ankle protection on the bike, but can be worn off the bike, too, look no further than the Belstaff Duration boots, a Chelsea style design with a waterproof liner, ankle armor, and a lux leather outer. Belstaff-Duration-Boots-1000