Biltwell Bonanza Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Biltwell Bonanza Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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The Bonanza from Biltwell is a low-profile, DOT-approved 3/4-helmet that offers tremendous bang for the buck. 

Starting at about $100 it's the most affordable 3/4 helmet we offer. Its ABS-plastic outer shell will offer a mite less puncture protection than the fiberglass-shell Bell Custom 500, but they both offer the same basic 3/4 coverage and DOT compliance. Ultimately, the Bell is a little safer—with thicker EPS (the part that protects you from impacts) and a whopping five shell sizes. The Bell is also also larger profile, though, and in the toss-up between one 3/4 helmet or the other, it's hard to hew too hard on the safey argumnet -- they're both only protecting 75% of your head so the safety argument between the two is somewhat accademic. 

All that said, for a knock-around city helmet for running errands in the summer, or something you're going to lock to the bike and won't be financially devastated if it goes missing, a 3/4 helmet is a vialble option, and the Biltwell Bonanza offers a forgiving fit, light weight, and a three-snap setup at the brow for attaching any manner of filp, bubble or flat shield. You can also snap on a brim like the Biltwell Moto Visor, and/or any of our goggles options—ranging from the $35 Biltwell Moto Goggles through the $165 French-made Aviator T2/T3's.

> Injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish
> Expanded polystyrene inner shell
> Hand-sewn brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding
> Meets DOT safety standards
> Rugged plated steel D-ring neck strap with adjustment strap end retainer
> Rubber or chrome accent edging
> XS through XXL sizes