Vanson Chopper

Vanson Chopper

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NOTE: Pre-orders take from 1-3 months to fulfill. Please email for exact timing.

If you have commitment issues you should probably stop right here. But if you dig the style of the Vanson Chopper, you don’t mind a break-in period and like the idea of having a jacket with incredible abrasion resistance and lifetime staying power, then keep reading.

Yes, it’s going to take some breaking-in, but it’s going to be with you for ever. Built from Vanson’s famously thick and durable competition-weight cowhide—the same basic cut they use for their iconic race suits—putting this jacket on inspires instant confidence. The double-buckle sides and meaty two-ply tail of this jacket feel like they could stop an arrow.

To break this jacket in will require hours or wear—preferably while riding. If you want to speed up the process, ride in the rain. Or cheat, and wear it into the shower. Don’t worry you can’t hurt this thing. Just keep it away from the dry cleaner.

The Chopper features a classic asymmetrical zip construction and quilted elbow, shoulder and yoke details to give it look that is distinctly…bad-ass. There’s really no other way to say it.

More than just another Marlon Brando wannabe, the asymmetrical cut of this jacket delivers for a double-thick overlap of copiously thick leathers across the chest. A short-action shoulder gusset allows for easy reach to grasp and hold onto the handlebars, and a café-style collar makes it comfortable in a range of riding positions. And the thick black leather and sturdy brass hardware offer a classic look that'll only get better with age.

The Chopper features two exterior zippered pockets, two interior pockets, and a quilted red sateen interior for a hint of added lux.

We have other, softer, more forgiving jackets to choose from. Belstaffs built with buttery leather and options from HeldREVIT and Pagnol that forgo the break-in process entirely.

But if you dig the style, stick with it, break it in and make it yours. And this jacket will not disappoint. Opt for an armored undershirt and eliminate any quibbles about safety.

**Sizing note: ad $85 for 2XL, and $185 for 3XL.