Pagnol M1 Sas-Tec Level 2 back protector - optional Sas-Tec elbow armor - optional Sas-Tec shoulder armor - optional

Pagnol M1

Regular Price: $625.00

Special Price $325.00


The M1 jacket is the first product from the California-based startup called Pagnol. Seizing on a latent dissatisfaction with baggy, shapeless leather jackets, the M1 debuts as a slim-fitting jacket built from decently thick leather, and ready to accept a full five-piece armor kit. Fashion weight leather jackets will rarely break 1mm mark. The M1 is 1- to 1.2mm-thick, and comes complete with a bevy of built-in features to aid in fit and mobility.

The M1 has perforated panels under the arms and inside the chest pockets, which double as passive vents. A comfortable mesh liner will help riders maintain comfort in warm weather. And California cruising is where this jacket excels best, climate wise. This isn’t a jacket you’ll be able to layer up much under.

This can only be considered a winter jacket if your zip code starts with the number 9. For those who live on the East Coast or anywhere with four seasons – pick yourself up a heated jacket liner or plan to put this jacket away when the mercury drops.

The M1 sports some nice design details, such as ribbed stretch accordion panels at the elbows for ease of movement, and zippered side gussets for optimal fit while seated. The jacket also gets a drop-tail, for ample coverage no matter how laid out your riding position is.

Mobility is enhanced with the addition of Schoeller stretch Kevlar inserts in the shell and complementary stretch Lycra inserts in the sleeve lining. And unlike most jackets which use a bi-swing back for ease-of-reach, the M1 instead gets a center-slit gusset to keep the jacket from restricting movement.

All in all this new design blends form and function with a fresh look that marries modern and classic in one. 


Note: This jacket is offered with a 5-piece Sas-Tec armor set for an additional $85.