TCX Boots

We’ve carried TCX since Day 1 here at the store. Their X-Street waterproof and armored motorcycle sneaker was one of those home-run products that lasted for years. Every other motorcycle boot maker tried making a moto-sneaker to beat it, and they pretty much all fell short.

The X-Street has recently been replaced by a model called the Street Ace with some thoughtful improvements. And since the early days a few years back TCX’s entire urban boot line has evolved significantly, making the brand a leading player in the category for very good reason.

After selling scores of TCX boots and seeing them come back into the store with glowing praise from their owners—and after processing very few warranty issues in all the time we’ve stocked TCX—we feel really good about representing this brand in-store and online.

All TCX boots come with generously sized ankle protectors, and some degree of reinforcement at the toe cap and heel rand. Most are waterproof, and the newest boots—the Fuel, Hero and Drifter—feature a sturdy lugged sole that can be replaced by your local cobbler once it wears down after years of use.

Formerly known as Oxstars,  (which, long story short, sounded a little too close to “Alpinestars” so an Italian court ordered a name change), TCX makes boots, and nothing else. Outside of a few military and police/first-responder contracts, all its products are motorcycle focused, and it shows. And despite the fact these all come from the Italian company’s wholly-owned factories in Romania, the price is quite often less than what we see coming from Asia, while the quality remains unmatched.