Roland Sands Design has just released its new 2019 lineup—strongest new gear collection since it first splashed onto the scene with the now-iconic original Ronin jacket.

The Ronin, and its second-best-selling cousin, the Clash, both see a serious upgrade this season with the advent of the all-new RSD “Signature” series. Both the Ronin Signature and the Clash Signature jackets get thicker leather, integrated zippered venting, and included shoulder and elbow armor, standard. Small welcome features abound: such as an internal zippered waterproof pocket bag sewn inside all new RSD leathers; and gone is the gold lamé looking liner, replaced with a sturdy mesh interior that'll encourage airflow (especially with the new venting scheme) and help wick away sweat. And for the Clash, integrated hidden magnets to keep those jaunty lapels in check.

To boot—the jackets’ armor sees a significant up-spec, too, with RSD now stocking Knox Microlock rather than the old Forcefield Waffle armor, which was about as comfortable as concrete-infused cardboard.

Past the re-boot of its two most iconic styles RSD also has released what we think is one of its best jackets ever—the all-new Jagger, which is also available in a women’s jacket called the Mia. This 3-season jacket option consists of a beefy leather chassis with integrated zippered intake vents at the shoulders, and discreet exhaust vents worked in under the biswing on the back. The Jagger and Mia feature a removable and separately wearable waterproof/thermal layer.

Throw in some smartly redesigned gloves with the Bronzo and Berlin models, plus a catalog of quality existing options, and the Southern California based RSD is elbowing its way onto a stage normally reserved for European gear makers. Come check out the whole range of jacket's in-store, or order online and try on at home.