Quad Lock 1-inch RAM Ball Adapter

Quad Lock 1-inch RAM Ball Adapter


We are inordinately excited about this latest phone mount from Quad Lock.

Why? Because it’s, quite simply, and very clearly, the best way to mount a phone to your motorcycle.

How? It takes what we’ve already deemed to be the best phone-mount on the planet, and makes it even better.

The marriage of the durable yet low-profile, everyday Quad Lock phone case with the infinite adjustability of 1” RAM ball—and unlocking all the various US-Made RAM mounting options—means there’s no motorcycle cockpit configuration that we can’t cleanly mount a smart phone as a secondary heads-up display.

It’s a watershed moment for phone-addicted motorcyclist, but we still don’t officially condone texting or checking Instagram while riding.

But nor do we condone having to stop and pull a phone out and fumble through gloves to see the next step in your navigation, or see who’s calling. We furthermore feel its an important God-given right to be able to take an epic selfie, or POV video rom the bike—because as a side benefit this mount makes for a perfect, infinitely adjustable tripod for you camera phone.

To get this magical puzzle to work wonders for you, you’ll need the following pieces:

1) A Quad Lock RAM Ball Mount

2) A Quad Lock phone case (or 3M adhesive Universal Adapter)

3) A dual-socket RAM extension, available in three sizes.

4) One of the many RAM mounts available—from the hard-mount $9 threaded ball inserts that screw into an unused mirror mount, to a suction-cup mount you can use in your car, to the $33 “Tough Claw” clamp that tightens with a thumb screw and removes in seconds. 

It sounds more complicated than it is. Call the shop or come by for expert installation advice. We promise, once set up this is the most rock-solid, intuitive phone mount available.