RAM Mount Cup Holder

RAM Mount Cup Holder


We originally brought this thing in as a joke—one more farkle for our handle-bar mount display. Turns out, this is a near universally loved (if somewhat ridiculous) accessory. The RAM Level Cup Self-Leveling Drink Holder will bring a smile to anyone’s face, which must be why they keep selling.

To use it you'll need a 1-inch RAM Mounts ball attached somewhere on your bike (or car), and a RAM Mounts extension to connect the mount with the cup holder.

We don't recommend trying trying to roll through your pothole riddled commute with a cup of coffe in this thing (unless maybe they give you one of those little green stopper thingies) but it'll hold a cold can or cup (Big Gulp not reccomended) for your summer cruising needs. Or more realistically, it works well as an in-car option if you're buying into the RAM Mount system and want to repurpose your RAM or Hondo Garage phone holder while riding in your cage, whether with a suction cup mount or some other ball-mount.

Or let's be honest, riding lawn mower is what this thing is really designed for.

This gem even comes with a RAM can insulator - although you really should consider our DOT-rated ATGATT model. Take a corner as hard as you like, this holder is ready to ride, tilting and leveling automatically as you glide through your commute—or lawn.