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Stylmartin Indian Boots

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Sidi and Doc Marten got together and this is their lovechild. Meet the Indian boot from Stylmartin, a retro-casual quality leather boot with some subtle bona fide performance features baked in for good measure. 

The design features generously double-stitched shifter patches as well as inner and outer ankle protection. The Indians are available in an oiled brown or matte black finish, both of which come with two pairs of laces—black and green options for the black boots; red and brown for the brown boots. These boots are made the old fashioned way in Romania and feature replaceable Vibram non-slip soles with a rugged lug pattern that’s stitched to a stiff full-grain leather upper.

Out of the box these boots take a little bit of breaking in, but once youv'e walked a few miles in them they'll quikly become one of the most comfortable options in your closet. The Vibram sole helps greatly in this regard, as does the grade of leather. 

The black boots are dyed-through, and will stay looking new longer. The brown options will too if you stay on top of them with boot conditioner, but the brown i s a top-dye leather, meaning that only the crust is the rich dark brown, and as you wear them

We've had these boots in-store since 2013, and we still stand by our initial 6-month review of them. They've now been bestowed with a CE approval stamp - meanign they pass a certain battery of side-impact and sole adhesion tests. (Same boots as they've always been, but now they've been through the official vetting process.) The toe is reassuringly stiff when new, but after years of use we've found they wear down to be super soft and supple. If you're looking for a boot with a stiffer polyurathane toe, check out any of the TCX boots.

These boots do have a waterproof membrane incorporated into the design, and you can expect them to ward off wet feet for a few miles, but in our experience they are nowhere near Gore-Tex waterproof. As long as you're okay with that going in, these are fantastic boots. If you must have a waterproof boot, check out the Stylmartin Legend or Rocket boot, or any of the TCX boots.

These boots are meant for walking, and when you walk that sole down, it can be replaced. We stock these boots in 40 to 46—or about 7 to 13 in ‘Merican. They run a little on the big side, so if you're at all between sizes, go down. Or if you're in between, order both and see for yourself.