Kryptonite Keeper Disc Lock

Kryptonite Keeper Disc Lock


There are plenty of options big and small when it comes to picking a motorcycle disc lock.

Let's simplify things: get this one. It's $35, comes from a respected brand, and includes the $8 accessory we make sure anyone buying a disc lock buys anyway—the all-important "reminder" to help ensure you don't try riding off before unlocking the disc—a mistake that could cost you both money and pride. 

The S2 disc lock sports a 5mm stainless steel locking pin that'll fit into most any disc, and comes with two serialized keys, which can be registered and easily replaced in the event you lose one. Because at the end of the day this thing's pretty damn effective, and getting it off on your own. It's been our experience that that if someone really wants to steal your bike, they're going to show up with four burly dudes and pluck the thing off the street and into a getaway vehicle. But a good disc lock will help ensure that one or two scumbags alone will have a hard time rolling your beloved bike into a waiting van.

Fitment information:

  • 1.63” (41.5mm) maximum distance for disc rotor insertion
  • 0.24” (6mm) maximum disc rotor thickness to insert lock