CRG Hindsight Lanesplitter Bar End Mirror Bar End Adapter availabl in 7/8" or 1" sizes - Sold Separately Replacement Mirro Glass Kit - Sold Separately.

CRG Hindsight Lanesplitter Bar End Mirror

Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price $71.96

Regular Price: $79.95

Special Price $71.96


CRG Hindsight LS Bar End Mirrors already are already a familiar item for many. They’re the ubiquitous choice of many custom builders, and very popular with everyday riders as a replacement option for the often clunky stock OEM mirrors that come stock on bikes both new and old.

Classy enough for classics and well-built and discreet enough for modern bikes, aesthetically these black beauties go with just about any motorcycle.

They may look small, but don’t let the diminutive size of these 3-inch mirrors fool you—functionally, they’re damn hard to beat. Whether used as a single (at least one mirror is legally required in most states) or on both sides of your cockpit, the CRGs’ perfectly convex shape offers a surprisingly wide field of view—but not so wide that there’s any undue distortion.

But the best part is how stable these mirrors are. Thanks to a unique rubber-backed mirror mounting system (mirror replacement kits are readily available), CRG mirrors offer steady performance no matter how roughly your bike idles. At speed over choppy roads, the image they reflect remains crisp and clear. To reduce glare, the glass has an automotive quality mirror tinting. The system isolates vibration beautifully—they simply can’t be rattled.

And the build is damn solid, too. CNC’d from 6061 T6 alumium, anodized black, and assembled with all stainless steel metric hardware, there is very little to nitpick about these mirrors. All CRG products are made at the company’s facility in Central Coast, California.

Go on eBay and you’ll find plenty of cheap Chinese made knockoffs. Don’t settle, though. Yes the Real McCoy CRG mirrors are a little pricey, but the performance is worth it and the build quality is top notch. Plus, should you ever drop your bike the mirrors are completely re-buildable.

CRG makes several different mirror models but this one is by far the most popular, and the only one we stock. The LS (Lane Splitter) version indicates a trick folding mechanism (also rebuildable) that lets the mirrors cleanly flip back past their resting detent, and flip back out without losing their adjustment. You’ll appreciate this feature while parking in tight spaces, or, yes, maybe even while lane splitting—although we recommend working with more than a 3-inch margin of error.

CRG Hindsight Bar End Mirrors will clamp directly onto most 7/8” or 22mm handlebars. Most folks prefer to use them with CRG Bar End Mirror adapters, which adds about a half-inch to your overall bar width, but doesn’t require you repositioning your grips and controls. These bar end adapters come in 7/8” (~22mm) and 1” variations. 

*Triumph owners – if your stock handlebars have a threaded boss welded into the end, you can still use these. You’ll need 1) a hack saw and 2) a little elbow grease. Lop off the post leaving about 2mm of shoulder of the CRG Bar End Adapter, ditch all the expanding wedge pieces, and it’ll bolt right on.