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Heated Gear

Heated Gear

There are plenty of options when it comes to heated gear. Many brands us some sort of brass or copper filament to carry heat throughout a garment, but Gerbing uses a patented stainless steel filament called MicroWire, which puts it in a class above the competition. MicroWire is flexible, durable, and capable of repeatedly delivering precious heat when and where you need it most. Plus it's made in the USA and used in Military applications - so you can buy with confidence.

We hear a lot of objections when it comes to "plugging in" but there's really nothing to be afraid of.

One option (and a great one for shorter rides, or commuting) is Gerbing's 7 volt product. Choose from a soft-shell jacket or soft-shell vest. Each come with a battery and charger and deliver a couple of hours of heat on the high setting. Recharge, or pickup an extra $40 battery and extend your range. And these items can actually be worn off the bike, too.

Option Two is 12-volt -- make use of the big honking battery under your seat (although make sure your charging system is up for it, and keep in mind even a capably charging system can struggle running accessory items while in stop-and-go city traffic.

Choose from gloves, vests, jackest or pants and by using either the 12-volt wireless controller or the 12-volt Bluetooth controler it's easier than ever to have ride-saving heat wash down your neck, torso, legs and hands. 

Any questions or concerns about how to intall or configure a heated gear setup please call the store at (718) 594-7093 or email