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The State of Union (Update): Down but not Out

The State of Union (Update): Down but not Out

It’s the first weekend of Spring. We should be celebrating the start of riding season, but instead we are planning to temporarily close the showroom after this weekend.

The Governor has ordered all non-essential businesses closed after Sunday night, and so we’ll be directing all our operational efforts online for the immediate future. We're going to keep coming in to ship orders, but in the spirit of the public edict we won't be inviting non-staff inside.
If you’re going stir crazy and need motorcycle gear to make your pandemic escape pod experience as safe and comfortable as possible, this will be the last weekend to shop inside the store.
If you do come in this weekend, we have an evolving set of rules we ask be respected. It starts with knocking on the door to enter in small, properly distanced groups. Hand-washing is mandatory. We’re still open for business, but it’s still nowhere near business as usual.

> Showroom Hours this weekend are Saturday, 11-6; Sunday, 11-6  <

What we’re doing in the coming weeks

We'll keep coming into the store to process orders and keep our staff working in a reduced capacity. Like the NYC restaurants that have been forced to close before us, we won’t be able offer our normal full-service dining-in experience after this weekend, but we are looking to continue on through our regular delivery service. UPS and USPS shipment pickups will continue as “per normal,” and if you need to shop from home we encourage you to please do so.
Here’s how we’re looking to improve the experience:
1) We’re bringing the store to you. Last weekend we rushed our new website into existence…before it was entirely ready. We’ll be spending the coming days buffing it out, so please excuse the construction as you poke around. The goal of the new site has always been to take in-store experience we’ve cultivated at the brick-and-mortar, and better deliver it online. We’ve already made a lot of progress: our entire store inventory is now available at UnionGarageNYC.com. And it will only get better as we build out more content, and launch a forthcoming series of categorical gear guides. Our goal is never the hard sell, but to give you all the information necessary to make informed decisions on your own.
2) We’ve installed a live chat function on the website. We are doing our best to keep our staff working throughout this slowdown. Whether we are hunkered down at the store shipping orders and taking inventory, or working remotely on the website, we’re here to help. After we close next Sunday you can hit that chat Icon on the lower right-hand side of the site with any questions. You can also always call us directly.
3) We’re installing an interest-free financing option. Times are tight, and everyone's trying to hold on in these uncertain times. To that end, we are partnering with Klarna to offer a seamless checkout option that will allow visitors pay in 4 monthly installments, or finance select purchases up to 36 months out. We hope to have this feature live by next week.
4) We’re remembering the good times. And in doing so we’re hoping to provide some form of escape from the onslaught of daily headlines. We're currently migrating over the Journal section from our old site. It's  a work in progress, and as we go we'll be highlighting the past event, rides, people, and experiences that have made these last 8 years so great.

Looking to the future...

We’re not going to pretend motorcycles are any more important than they are at this exact moment. We are in an international life-and-death health crisis and economic free fall, and people are hurting. Right now the most important thing we can do to help is is follow the social distancing guidelines set out by the WHO and CDC, self isolate, and ride this thing out as best we can.
That said, motorcycles do happen to make the perfect Pandemic Escape Pod. And if you’ll be exercising your right to get out on a motorcycle, we’re here to do everything we can to make sure you’re properly equipped.
And when this pandemic passes—and it will pass, taking with it the fear and the panic that have upended all our lives—we hope to still be in business—standing by ready to help make your experience riding a motorcycles as fun, as safe, and as smooth as possible.
Just like you, we don’t know exactly what the future holds, but we’re trying our best to find the safest line out of this treacherous corner we’re all in together. 

Photo By Fabio Affuso
Showing proper formation on a shop ride last summer. Photo by Fabio Affuso.

Give Back, Get Back 

This is an incredibly crappy time to run any sort of sale, but we’re trying to keep the lights on here, so scroll down for a handful of “buy-one/get-one” deals.

Put* both* items in your cart, enter the appropriate discount code at checkout, and the latter item will zero-out.


Buy a $200 gift card / Get a shop t-shirt ($30 value) of your choice.
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Buy a Classic Robinson Jacket / Get a free $75 Gift Card for future purchases
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We appreciate your ongoing cooperation—and patronage!—as we all navigate these uncertain times together. 

Be safe, be in touch through Instagram, or online, or by live chat, or over the phone...and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this mess.

—Union Garage, & Co.