Union Garage Kodiak Women’s Boot Pre-Production prototype showing armor placement

Union Garage Kodiak Women’s Boot

Regular Price: $499.95

Special Price $249.95


We worked with Leslie of NYC-based Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber to craft a women’s specific boot that will pass the muster of fashion conscious female riders, yet still meet our Captain Safety mandate of only selling functional motorcycle gear. 

It comes with D3O armor, reinforced thermoplastic toe and heel counters, a custom Vibram lugged sole, and it’s made out of bearskin. Yes, bearskin. 

Leslie had already pioneered a method of using premium lugged Vibram soles on her line of fashionable, motorcycle-inspired women’s boots. Because Vibram doesn’t make a women’s specific sole, she made her own by buying men’s soles and having them shaved down with a factory finish. You wouldn’t know they didn’t come from Vibram if not for the disproportionately large Vibram logo under the midfoot. The boots are fitted with a steel shank and a stacked heel, offering a couple of valuable inches many female riders will welcome.

The boots welt is hand-stitched to the upper, and the sole is tacked and adhered, and guaranteed to stay that way with BHBR’s limited lifetime warranty. Unlike boots with stitched-on soles, these won’t be compromised after a few hundred miles of putting your foot down as you roll to a stop.

Starting with a standard BHBR base, we incorporated a custom made D3O ankle armor insert made by stamping, skiving and shaping a sheet of D3O, and then top-stitching it into place inside the boot.

We also spec’d reinforced thermoplastic toe and heel counters, to give this boot even more support.  High quality nickel-plated Botani zippers snug the boot up tight, and the included harness helps keep it even snugger.

The bearskin we chose for the boot’s outer shell is incredibly sturdy yet still super supple.  What it’s not cheap—nor are any of the other components of these boots. They’re made of premium materials in a U.S. factory, and they’re priced as such. 

We have a size run of core sizes in the store for try-on, and half-sizes or custom sizes take 3-4 weeks to produce from the time we receive your order. To request a custom sizing form please email us.


This pre-production prototype shows how we incorporated the armor

This pre-production prototype shows how we incorpoorate the D3O armor. All production boots will be Kodiak Black, but custom options are possible...