TCX Street Ace WP

TCX Street Ace WP


The Street Ace follows in the footsteps of TCX’s long-running and now discontinued X-Street model—the first and best motorcycle sneaker to hit the market back in 2012.

Time marches on and so does the X-Street. This is its replacement, a subtly modernized version of its Chuck Taylor-looking predecessor.

While every other boot brand has made a knockoff of the original X-Street (Stylmartin, Sidi, Dainese, REVIT) they all somehow missed the sweetspot of the classic X-Street. TCX balances things nicely with the Street Ace, keeping with the classic white sole and black upper.

For its size, the Street Ace delivers a lot of boot. Note the toe and heel counter that are reinforced with a polycarbonate shell. Also the burly interior and exterior ankle armor built into each boot.

Instead of a big round circular TCX logo, the Street Air gets more subtle black-on-black embossing. Plus seven sturdy eyelets and a bonus (red, extra bonus) eyelet for really locking the laces down tight.

The boot is also being offered in a nice “Dakar Brown.”

A redesigned long-wearing rubber sole comes slightly pre-distressed. If you want it to be whiter, just hit it with some rubbing alcohol. Or wear as is and they’ll only break in more. 

The upper of this boot is made from full grain cowhide with subtle suede accents. It’s slightly less stiff and protective than the original X-Street it replaces, but that means it will be more walk-able, too. It’s still fully CE rated, meaning it passes a battery of impact and sole adhesion tests.

Just like all the other TCX boots we stock, the “WP” means it’s really going to be waterproof. And moreover after selling more TCX than any other brand since we’ve been in business, we’ve had very few come back with any sort of issue, and whenever there is a question about manufacturing integrity the company has stood behind the product with a quick replacement.

This boot is offered in sizes from 3.5 to 13, making it a great option for men or women.