REVIT Monster 2 Womens Glove

REVIT Monster 2 Womens Glove

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REV’IT!’s Monster 2 Glove is an exceptionally well executed combination of classic design + modern functionality.

Available in both men’s and womens’ versions, this glove’s quilted full-leather construction screams yesteryear, but it also has cutting edge tech with its touch-screen enabled fingertips, ventilated and elasticated paneling, and generous armor throughout.

Although it does offer some ventilation, this is not what we’d call a pure summer glove. There’s too much girth to it for slow speed city riding on super hot muggy days. But it does breathe, and if you can find open road the Monster 2 offers outsized confidence in a compact package

The trick with this glove is that it’s managed to build in plenty of protection without feeling like a battle gauntlet. It’s got conformable temperfoam strips across the knuckles, and a harder knuckle protector backed with more comfy foam. But you wouldn’t know it, thanks to generous stretch zones with elasticated paneling at the fingers and back of wrist. For all that protection this glove is surprisingly easy on the hands. The pliable but tough goatskin construction certainly helps.

The leather is coated with a water-repellent finish only—no waterproof membrane on this on, or else it would barely breath at all—so we don’t recommend gong swimming in it. If you’re going on a multi-day outing or are commuting rain or shine we always recommend taking along a pair of waterproof gauntlets with your Go Bag.

But if you’re heading out for a fair-weather joyride and are willing to sacrifice absolute waterproofness for a little refreshing air between your well-armored fingers, this is an excellent choice.

As with any protective gear, the more the better. More layers, more armor, thicker shell materials—all these factors put more distance between your skin and the road.

Bonus: this glove offers more coverage than most short-cuff options, so it’s especially good for lanky guys with awkward inch-wide wrist tan lines.

These gloves are going to be hard to keep in stock.