NEXX XG.100 Racer

NEXX XG.100 Racer


Meet the all-new NEXX X.G100 Racer—the latest and to date most promising retro full-face street helmet to come out of NEXX’s Portugal factory.

NEXX impressed us a couple years back when it released its first-generation XG100 retro full-face helmet. On paper, and in hand, it was a great entry to the category. But when it came to fit and features, it fell down a bit. We’ve been waiting for the company to come back with a more promising new product, and now they have two—The XG100 Racer, and the XG200 Motocross inspired helmet.

One of the main gripes with the original XG100 was it came in only one shell size. Also, it used a silly snap-on visor with no easy option for opening or removal while riding without risking losing the damn thing.

It seems NEXX listened to these complaints because the new helmets come in two shell sizes (one for XS-M, another for L-2XL)—promising a better fitting, size appropriate product. The new XG100 Racer also comes with a smartly integrated flip-shield mechanism with a sturdy, high-quality visor and smooth hinges with distinct detents for keeping the shield open, cracked for a little air, or snapped shut against a weather-tight rubber seal. Compared to the Bell Bullitt or Biltwell Gringo S full-face shield, it’s a much better design and execution.

The NEXX shell construction remains the same as ever—and that’s a good thing, because the strength of the shell has always been a favorite part of these helmet. A fiberglass shell inlaid with a proprietary mix of other fibers (carbon, organic, aramid) creates a reassuringly stiff chassis—loads stiffer than the polycarbonate Biltwell Gringo, and on-par with Bell’s fiberglass construction. Because the X.G100 Racer’s jaw bar is about twice as thick as the Bell Bullitt, the win goes to NEXX. On the X.G200, however, the Bell Moto 3 has much more mass, and would likely win the smash test over the X.G200.

The X.G100 Racer is available in matte black or white, or an array of graphics options for $40 more. (The X.G200 starts at $349, and goes up to $399 for the “Super Hunky” graphics).

*Pre-Sale Promotion Details: This is a pre-sale promotion, with stock helmets expected to come in this month. We are offering a free Union Garage T-shirt of your choice while you wait for the helmet to come in. Plus, as always, if you log in for your purchase you’ll get 5%  back on your account (about $20) for future purchases. There are no guarantees of Christmas Delivery, but that’s what the t-shirt is for.