Union Garage Bit Kit

Union Garage Bit Kit


This custom Chapman bit kit all started with the search for a better screwdriver.

We weren’t happy with the German-made Heyco option that’s been included in our own Union Garage Tool Roll since Day 1—the combination Flat/Phillips bit didn’t always stay securely in the handle, and it saddened us every time it slipped.

Enter The Chapman Tool Co.—established in Connecticut in 1936.

The Nutmeg-State-made Chapman screwdriver handily trumps the German-born Heyco in both form and function. Plus, it’s black instead of translucent green. Match, point.

And speaking of beating Germans, Chapman’s been making these kits since World War II, and each and every bit, extension and screwdriver handle is still made in the company’s Connecticut factory.

We’ve narrowed Chapman's extensive catalog down to the bare necessities one might need to help triage a metric motorcycle: Usual suspect Allen keys, a Phillips bit, a flat-head, a 1/4-inch socket adapter and a T25 Torx. Each kit comes with a 12-pack of bits, and room to add four more in the vinyl yellow case.

The Chapman screwdriver features a set-screw to lock the extension shaft into place, as well as a secondary set-screw to lock a bit into the extension. The tool also can be used sans extension for jobs requiring a stubby screwdriver. If you opt for the screwdriver option, your kit will come with 12 bits—including a 0.050" bit used to work the set-screw in both the screwdriver handle, and in the bit-end of the screwdriver extension.

Plenty of old timers will be familiar with the iconic Chapman yellow cases and the company’s handy little Midget Wrench—a stamped steel 22-tooth bit ratchet that’s been in production for 80 years. It's a great little tool that's passed the test of time several times over.

We’re also big fans of the 52-tooth Topeak micro-drive bit ratchet we’ve always included in our own tool roll. This forged chrome vanadium wrench offers engagement more than twice as tight as the Chapman, plus has an extra magnetic bit holder built into its butt-end. And it’s polished to a high sheen—and we’re suckers for bright shiny objects. Even if they add $11 to the pricetag.

We offer this kit with a choice of either ratchet wrench, and with or without the screwdriver:

$25: 11-piece bit kit with 22T Chapman Midget Wrench
$34: 12-piece bit kit with 22T Chapman Midget Wrench w/Screwdriver
$36: 11-piece bit kit with 52T Topeak Micro Ratchet
$45: 12-piece bit kit with 52T Topeak Micro Ratchet w/Screwdriver

We have selected 12 (or 11, if you don't opt for the screwdriver/extension option), but Chapman offers many, many other options, and the vinyl bit case will hold 16 bits total. Each tool roll comes with a 10% discount code for ordering additional or replacement bits from Chapman directly. Here is what we stock the kit with:

(1) CMS-40 Metric Allen Hex Bit- 1.5 MM 
(2) CMS-41 Metric Allen Hex Bit- 2 MM 
(3) CMS-43 Metric Allen Hex Bit- 3 MM 
(4) CMS-44 Metric Allen Hex Bit- 4 MM
(5) CMS-45 Metric Allen Hex Bit- 5 MM 
(6) CMS-46 Metric Allen Hex Bit- 6 MM 
(7) CMS-48 Metric Allen Hex Bit- 8 MM 
(8) T-25 Torx Bit- .173" 
(9) CM-24 1/4" Socket Adapte
(10) CMP-21 Philips Head Bit- No. 2 
(11) CM-17 Slotted Head Bit- .250" x .037" 
(12) *CMS-3 Standard Allen Hex Bit- .050" (set-screw bit, included only with the screwdriver/extension option)