TCX X-Street WP

TCX X-Street WP

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These are bar-none our best-selling boots to date. 

Often imitated but never duplicated, this boot has been in the TCX lineup since we opened for business in 2012. They were one of the first walkable, casual-looking CE-rated motorcycle boots on the market, and they're still one of the best. Various copycat models have cropped up but everyone manages to—ahem, step in it—it up with overdone logos, contrast stitching or some other oversight. 

These boots succeed because they're simple and effective. At a glance they looks like standard-issue Chuck Taylors, but look closer to find genuine motorcycle features like lateral and medial ankle protection, a reinforced heel cup and full-grain leather construction that will keep feet warm and dry. The tongue of the shoe is connected with a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep water out even at highway speeds, while an oil-resistant non-slip sole will grip greasy roads far better than standard street shoes. There's a stiff plastic shank between the heel and mid-foot, too, to help keep said foot from folding into a pretzel if things go sideways and you find yourself sliding foot-first into a sign post.

We've sold these to school teachers who are on their feet all day, to local motorcycle builders who vouched for their waterproof credentials after volunteering in Hurricane Sandy relief work, and dozens of other riders who have trusted their clodhoppers to this unassuming combat boot in sheep's clothing.

Note, we'll continue to stock these boots and they're actually a bit stiffer than the latest wave of new TCX urban boots. The new X-Groove and X-Wave offer great features and arguably improved aesthetics, but they do sacrifices some stiffness. Those boots still have a reinforced toe and heel with a stiff sole, but let'c call them a 6.5 on the totally subjective stiffness scale, where these OG X-Streets are easily a 9.