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The X-Wave WP boot comes in black or brown full grain leather and sports a waterproof membrane and understated styling that blends real protective features with everyday wearability.

This new-for-2016 boot signals a marked improvement over our best-selling shoe to date: the often-copied and never-duplicated X-Street—a leather CE-rated black leather motorcycle sneaker that affords plenty of protection while remaining affordable.

Like the X-Street, the X-Waves come with a full CE certification—and safety features include malleolus, toe and heel reinforcements.

So how does the X-Wave improve upon the perennially best-selling X-Street? It gives you more boot for your buck, for starters. The X-Wave extends a couple extra inches up the ankle, offering more protection and better pant coverage no matter how crunched up your riding position takes you. Like all of this brand’s “WP” boots, we have high confidence that these water-proof boots are exactly that, and with a few extra inches of height comes even more water-proof protection over a lower cut model like the X-Streets or the new-for-2016 X-Grooves.

Style-wise, the boot offers options. The black version gets a black sole. Yes, it comes with white laces, but for a couple bucks you can replace them with black laces for the full murdered-out. It also comes in a vintage brown version with oiled leather for a great look. And if you’re looking for hot-weather performance that won’t leave your dogs steaming, check out the X-Wave Air, a ventilated option that uses mesh side panels for copious airflow while riding.

-Full grain leather with a vintage look
-Padded collar
-Soft touch waterproof membrane lining
-Malleolus, toe and heel reinforcements
-Rubber sole with a vintage look
-Removable shift pad
-CE certified

*Note - X-Wave and X-Groove boots come stock with white laces. If you prefer black laces let us know and we'll include them at no charge.