Stylmartin Legend Boots

Stylmartin Legend Boots


Following the extraordinary popularity of the Stylmartin Indian Boots, we've added another Italian motorcycle boot to the shelf with it.

This classic leather boot is perfect riding around the city, day rides on country roads, or full-on interstate touring. Modeled after a traditional harness boot the Legend sports modern amenities like a one-piece molded sole, a shin-height waterproof membrane and easy-access side zipper. The boot also have a reinforced shank extending from the heel to the midfoot, yet still retains a pliable toe section for comfort while walking around off the bike. And finally it has discreet ankle protection discs built into both the inside and outside of each boot.

Protection, good looks, and the ability to pull double duty off the bike. What's not to love?

*Note: The boots break in beautifully, but that's a DIY feature. These are not pre-distressed boots. After just a few weeks of wear (we suggest copious riding) they'll start to mold to your foot and the leather will begin to show some personality. The boots pictured here are over a year old. Also all Stylmartin boots run on the large side - opt for one Euro size smaller than you'd normally choose.