It’s pretty obvious from walking into our showroom that we’ve become big fans of Shoei’s full-face helmet lineup. If you don’t immediately notice their prominent positioning on our Great Wall of Helmets, one of us will usually start sputtering praise for the brand as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

As per our company policy we preemptively price-match the best legitimate price available online, and because the street price of Shoei is always 10% off the MSRP, that’s where we set our prices too. But make no mistake, despite this pricing policy Shoei is no discount helmet brand. This is a world-class company with ridiculously good products. Quite frankly while we could make more money per helmet selling other brands, this is a product we really believe in.

Why? First, the overall build quality is exceptional. Shoei’s reinforced fiberglass formula makes for a lightweight and reassuringly stiff shell and their peripheral features are smart, and plentiful. Pinlock-equipped fog-free shields are included with every Shoei model we sell. Transitions shield upgrades are available on some models, and seamlessly integrating Sena 10U Bluetooth units are available for others. And the consistent high-level of finish in every helmet is as exacting as one would expect from a Japanese helmet factory with nearly 60 years of experience.

Safety wise, Shoei delivers with a dual-density EPS and all applicable DOT and SNELL safety ratings . On top of that, all these helmets (with the exception of the modular) get emergency release cheek pads, a feature you’ll hopefully never need by which first responders can slip cheek pads out in order to make it easier to extricate a downed rider from the helmet.

Last but not least, one of our favorite aspects of these finely crafted Japanese brain buckets is just how damn well they fit—or can be made to fit.

Besides the fact most Shoei helmets come in three or four individual shell sizes per model, they also come compatible with a huge matrix of cheek- and center-pad options. Replacement pads retail for about $50/set but we offer them free with every new helmet purchase. Whether you need thinner or thicker cheek- or center-pads, every Shoei purchased from Union Garage comes with the pads you need right out of the gate, at no extra cost.

We aim to always have every size available in every Shoei model we stock. We’ve gone deepest in the RF-1200 and have it available in no less than eight different color options.