Ever had your phone run out of batteries at an inopportune time? Ever had your motorcycle or car battery die, and leave you stranded? This quality portable jump-box kills two birds with one stone.

Battery jump packs are more widely available than ever. You can find inexpensive versions of them offered at Lowes and Home Depot, and all over Amazon.com. Most are made by fly-by-night brands you’ve never heard of—or that you’d wish you’d never heard should you ever experience a warranty issue. 

In our experience, flowing enough amperage to jump-start a car or motorcycle is not a job you want to trust to discount electronics. In the past we carried Anti-Gravity brand jump-packs, but swore them off after a rash of unresolved warranty claims and unsatisfied customers. 

Enter Scosche (pronounced skōsh), a 40-year-old SoCal company that started out in car audio and has branched into mobile accessories with a focus on automotive and powersports.

When it comes to phone cases we still prefer Quad Lock and its multiple motorcycle mount options. But Sosche says it’s addressed all the 

But when it comes to jumper packs our money is on Scosche. which promises a spark-free, “6-point safety protection system” to prevent frying your jumper leads and sundry other things that can go wrong. That 6-point promise includes protection against the following gremlins:

> Overheating
> Overcurrent
> Overcharging
> Over-discharging
> Short-circuiting
> Reverse connection issues 

Each unit comes with a nifty carrying case and contains a built-in LED for use at night—and in the case of the PowerUp 400, the whole thing is a hefty aluminum flashligh, and will double a self defense device in a pinch.