Leatherman Freestyle Multi-Tool

Leatherman Freestyle Multi-Tool

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We’ve stocked this US-made Leatherman Freestyle tool in our own Union Garage Deluxe Tool Kit for years now, and the only complaint is that it’s frequently missing from our own tool rolls because it’s so easy to keep in your pocket, and so convenient to have on hand.

An ideal Every Day Carry item, the Freestyle has a steel clip for securing into your jeans pocket, and it light and slim enough to not be in the way, but always be handy when you need it.

The combination smooth and serrated blade is easy to flick into action, and can cut through anything from cardboard to a small tree limb. We’ve field-tested it with fruit, fuel lines, and about everything in between. 

It’s stainless steel, so when you wash the gas off it to cut your apple, it won’t rust. And it’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if it breaks you can send it back to the factory in Oregon to be fixed or replaced.

The needle nose pliers are good for careful jobs – like fishing a screw out of your tire. Or in a pinch they’ll help hold up to a 13mm nut. There are wire-cutters built in, too. And that’s it.And if you need more than that, you need more than a 3.5-inch pocket knife with pliers.  

CLOSED LENGTH: 3.45 in | 8.76 cm
WEIGHT: 4.5 oz | 127.57 g
BLADE LENGTH: 2.6 in | 6.60 cm