Shoei GT-Air Shown with Sena 10U Communicator Shown with Sena 10U Communicator Anthracite

Shoei GT-Air

Regular Price: $549.99

Special Price $399.00

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Regular Price: $549.99

Special Price $399.00


The GT-Air slots into Shoei’s line as a full-featured touring helmet, but it works very capably as an all-around city helmet as well.

The main claim to fame here is the generous, easy-to-operate vents on the GT-“Air.” It’s super quiet with all the vents closed, thanks in parts to a built-in chin curtain that can be removed if desired.

Compared to the Shoei RF-1200, the GT-Air is only a smidge heavier and comes with a different variety of features. Instead of the option to upgrade to a Transition Shield (the second best helmet feature of all time) – the GT-Air delivers similar performance with a flip-down sun shield, operable with a simple lever on the non-throttle side of the helmet. Like all the Shoei helmets we sell the GT-Air comes with an included pinlock visor (the very best helmet feature of all time).

Another big bonus feature with the Shoei GT-Air is its compatibility with the new Sena 10U Bluetooth device. This unit installs like a factory-fit with no extraneous electronic barnacles sticking off the side of the helmet.

More fun facts:

- 3-D Max-Dry center pad and multi-layered, polyurethane foam cheek pads
- Chin curtain prevents wind entry and reduces noise
- Cheek pads are replaceable or removable for maintenance
- Eyeglass compatible interior
- Emergency Quick-Release System - allows emergency medical personnel to easily remove the cheek pads from the helmet. A great feature you hopefully never have to use.
- Safety certification: DOT. Disqualified from SNELL rating due to internal sun shield.

The GT-Air comes in three shell sizes (One less than the industry-leading RF-1200) and like all Shoeis the fit can be fine-tuned with various-thickness cheek pads and center pads. Cost is normally $45 per pad set but we include the correct size at no extra charge.

Fit note: The GT-Air runs a little toward the long-oval end of the spectrum. If you’re getting pressure smack in the middle of your forehead on a helmet like the RF-1200, this is the longest-oval.

Pricing note: The GT-Air base price starts at $495. Add $27 for premium paint finishes (including matte black); and $109 for the Wanderer graphics.