"Union Guzzi" Ryan Quickfall

"Union Guzzi" Ryan Quickfall

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Special Price $39.95


An interpretation of a classic Moto Guzzi "dustbin racer"—so-called because the race team would literally hammer-form the fairings out scrap metal from old trash cans, and then take them directly to the racetrack. This 20x14 piece is screen-printed, signed and numbered in a limited-edition run of 50 pieces.

Each print order comes rolled in sturdy 4” x 18” tube with glycine paper protecting the print surface. Just don’t leave it there for months as it'll resist framing when unfurled.

These prints are so vividly printed they look fantastic in a simple, cheap frame, which we now offer for a modest surcharge.

These prints are uniquely sized somewhere between A3 and A4 standards, and the framed option includes a custom mat cut to fit. The black polystyrene frame’s outside dimensions are 28x20” and they come with plexiglass. Get a custom piece of UV resistant glass cut for them if you’re going to be hanging in proximity to sunlight and want the option of bequeathing to a grandchild. Otherwise it’s the most inexpensive, but entirely presentable frame option you will find.

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