REVIT Jackson

REVIT Jackson

Regular Price: $359.99

Special Price $259.99

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Regular Price: $359.99

Special Price $259.99


This fully seam-sealed city slicker is tough, warm and perfect for off-season urban riding. 

A modern spin on the classic four-pocket riding jacket—first pioneered by Belstaff and later adopted by countless companies (including us)—the Jackson blends timeless styling with modern features, like waterproof zippers, fully welded seams throughout the shell, 750D-Cordura-grade paneling on the elbows and shoulders for extra abrasion protection where it’s needed most, and a waterproof/breathable membrane laminated into the outer shell.

For the money the Jackson is an excellent value. Pop the armor out and it’s a fully functional jacket on its own. With it in (plus the recommended back protector) this jacket offers some solid reassurance while duking it out with city traffic in any sort of weather.

Revit and others ambitiously call this a “go-anywhere” jacket, but in reality this jacket has its limitations—and fully understanding its liabilities helps flush out this jacket’s substantial benefits.

First, think of the Jackson as a simple civilian rain jacket with extra abrasion-resistant paneling on top, and hidden armor underneath—all making it a great pick for slow-speed taxi-dodging and city commuting, but for higher speed (and therefore higher consequence) conditions, the Jackson becomes a bit of a Spork in a knife fight. The shoulders and elbows are reassuringly tough, but the lower back is made from a rubbery 64/36 poly-cotton blend that will certainly keep you safe from rain, but not necessarily from the substantial physics of speeding asphalt. And here’s where we recommend the Revit’s RV back protector upgrade, which fits into this jacket’s ready-made pocket and happens to cover more vertebrae than most other manufacturer’s stock back protectors.

But bearing in mind this jacket’s been designed as a hybrid piece, in and out of the office, bar, restaurant; on and off the bike, with urban speed limits and road hazards in mind, there’s something to be said for having the right tool for the job. There’s also something to be said for not having to run errands or walk into your workplace sporting an Aerostitch Roadcrafter.

The Jackson has weather limitations, too. Go anywhere on a hot muggy summer day in this jacket and you’ll get uncomfortably warm, with no zippered vents for relief.

But as we know a great summer jacket is going to make a terrible winter jacket, and vice versa. Get out on a bike in anything from a light misting to a torrential downpour, in climates including wet, cold spring, crisp fall day, to deep winter doldrums, and the Jackson is as at home and happy as the proverbial pig in shit. And thanks to its synthetic shell, whatever you roll around in will hose off easily.

With the full-sleeve thermal liner zipped out this jacket will function efficiently through the spring, winter and fall. And when it gets really cold zip that liner back in and you won’t need many extra layers to stay warm. A built-in half-belt helps keep cold air from riding up under the jacket or otherwise flapping around at speed.

Available in the requisite all black colorway, or a subtle variation with green blocking and black sleeves, the Jackson is a touch fashion forward while still retaining plenty of functionality.

> Outer shell: poly/cotton twill—think: house brand 750D Cordura
> Insulation: detachable thermal liner with synthetic fill
> Waterproofing: hydratex lite (10000mm H2O)
> Breathability: hydratex lite (10000g/m2/24hrs)
> Outer shell body: 64% polyester, 36% cotton
> Outer shell sleeves: 100% polyamide
> Lining: 100% polyester
> Thermal liner: 100% polyester
> Armor: Knox Lite CE protection at shoulders and elbows

Pocket in back  for Seesoft RV-Type CE-level 2 back protector
- Type RV04 for SM-MD
- Type RV05 for LG-2XL
- Type RV06 for 3XL