Nexx X.G100

Nexx X.G100

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This very smartly put-together retro full-face helmet comes to us from Portugal-based helmet manufacturer NEXX. And given the way the Bell Bullitt and Biltwell Gringo have taken over parts of the motorcycle market like wild Kudzu, you can expect to see a lot more of this helmet this season.

And for good reason. We’re excited to be the first U.S. stocking shop and received our first shipment in early January. The X.G100 come complete with both with a removable peak as well as a snap-on Lexan shield—the same material the company uses on its top-end race helmets. Helmets will come with 60% light-tint lenses stock and both clear and 80% dark-tint options will be available shortly after the helmet is released in early January 2016. 

Compared to the X.G100’s obvious category competitors this new entry comes in $50 less than the Bell Bullitt. They eye port isn’t quite as big on the X.G100 as on the Bullitt, but the chin bar is much beefier—both in size and strength. Both are otherwise quite similar. Leather touches on the interior, shell construction pulled from higher-end helmets (Bell uses a fiberglass composite, NEXX uses a quad-mix is says is made up of fiberglass, “organic fibers,” Kevlar and carbon. Both come with dual DOT and ECE ratings.

In the other corner is The Biltwell Gringo S, which comes with an integrated shield and costs a full 150 fewer dollars. It also comes with one fewer safety rating—DOT only—and a unsettling propensity for a good number of riders’ jaws to wag out the bottom of the helmet. Same happens for some with the Bullitt. That simple flat bottom shape gives those helmets a classic look, but comes at some sacrifice to full-face coverage. Fit wise, the X.G100 offers a more comprehensive feeling fit than both the Gringo and the Bullitt, with more pad contact at the jawline, and a chin-bar the covers more chin.

With classic styling not too dissimilar from the now-defunct Ruby, the XG100 is a fraction of the cost of those stratospherically priced Vietnam-made/French-painted status symbols.

We’ve gotten some time with some test samples and can say these feel solidly put together. Even the leather tabs sewn into the elastic straps on the shields seems well done. It helps that NEXX produces everything in-house in its mainland-Europe manufacturing facility. The shield is reassuringly thick and well braced with a gasket on the perimeter and a solid leather-lined ledge to socket into on the helmet. The EPS liner comes in only one size (sizes S-XL are distinguished by their interior padding only), and we found it to be a bit of a forehead pincher until broken in, but with a little break-in these are comfortable and surprisingly quiet. Probably best suited for city riding with sunglasses instead of a shield for better airflow. It'll do well on the open road, too, with the surprisingly effecteive snap-on shield in place.

They eyeport is still plenty wide and the optional included peak give this helmet a hint of dirtbike punk rock but with plenty of protection. Coming in at approximately 1200 grams with a reasonable price tag (considering, you know, it’s your head) and with dual DOT and ECE safety ratings, the X.G100 presents few objections. Here’s one more reason to never wear an open face helmet again.

*We've teamed up with our friend, painter Frank Favale, who has paintakingly recreated the BMW Motorsport stripes of the BMW R80 G/S Paris-Dakar in this brand new Nexx X.G100 helmet. Since this helmet comes only in four sizes, with a single shell/EPS layup and interchangable pads, we've listed it for sale in every size, but there is only one special-editon helmet here. Once it's gone, it's gone, and Frank's true cost of painting this out of his famly autobody shop, between the masking, polishing, and multiple layers of clearcoat, would far exceed the surcharge we've put on this one-of-a-kind helmet.



 - X-MATRIX Shell (multiaxial fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, special aramid fibers and carbon reinforcement)
- ECE/22-05,DOT and NBR-7471:2001
- X.MART DRY fabrics
- Soft padding anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric
- Removable lining Washable lining
- Optional Chin Wind stopper
- Double-D ring buckle
- PC Lexan Shield 60% smoked visor included
- Peak included
- Chin Ventilation
- Available sizes - S to XL
- Weight: 1200grs +/- 50grs