Knox Cold Killers Sport Pant

Knox Cold Killers Sport Pant


The Sport Pant is an ideal thermal under-pant for cold-weather riding.

Unlike most winter thermal layers, which are often designed to work during aerobic activity like hiking or snow sports, these are a true motorcycle specific product. They offer wind-blocking panels on the front with highly breathable 3D fleece paneling on the backs of the legs, for comfort while in a bent-knee riding position, or during activity off the bike.

 Like all of the Knox Cold Killers product line, these pants are lined with uber-soft Velboa fleece for an added level of luxurious comfort.

  • -Full length fitted thermal stretch pants carefully constructed for comfort and performance
  • -Windproof at the waist front and back to eliminate drafts
  • -Windproof fabric extends to cover 100% of the legs at the front
  • -Unisex fitting with a range of sizes
  • -Windproof
  • -Water resistant
  • -Breathable
  • -Machine Washable and Dries quickly