Chippewa Rally Engineer Boots

Chippewa Rally Engineer Boots

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We just added Chippewa to our lineup of motorcycle boots. Specifically, we’ve added the 12” Rally Boot, a 12-inch (not counting the 1.5-inch heel) classic engineer-style boot.

Chippewa has been making footwear since 1901 and it shows pretty clearly. This beautiful boot is made in Texas out of full-grain black Odessa cowhide and stitched to a sturdy oil-resistant sole via a Goodyear welt.

The lining is leather and the insole is treated with an anti-microbial coating for years of funk-free use. Velcro latches let you snug this boot tight to fit jeans over it, or stuff pants inside the cuff.

While there are many beautiful heritage boots available, this is the only one we’ve brought in. For as good-looking as a boot like Red Wing’s Iron Ranger is, for example, it was originally intended as a farm boot and provides zero motorcycle specific attributes. The Rally boot on the other hand was built for the road.

Sure it might lack lack some modern amenities we’ve come to expect from motorcycle boots, such as ankle armor, a reinforced toe-cap or a waterproof membrane. But they’re still plenty tough. They have a nicely padded shifter patch and a triple-ribbed steel supporting the heel to the mid-foot. And although they’re not subjected to the European CE test, they’d surely pass the side impact aspect of that test.

The oil-resistant soles will last for years if not decades of walking and riding, and because they’re a Goodyear-welt construction they can be resoled indefinitely.

The lack of insulation of waterproofing makes these a good fair-weather touring boot. And the extra heel never hurts with motorcycle stand-over height.

*Fit note: we’ve found these boots run true to size. We have a few “E” wide sizes and “EE” sizes are available as fast as UPS takes to get from Texas to Brooklyn.