Rokker Urban Racer Boots

Rokker Urban Racer Boots


Rokker’s boot line comes in three variations, a detailed “Gentleman’s” version, the plain Classic Racers, and our favorite: This Urban Racer, which looks like a Red Wing Iron Ranger that’s been put on a steady diet of steroids, with far more weight and protection than the heritage farm boot its based on.

Rokker has chosen to eschew any plastic components or synthetic waterproof membranes. Instead, they used old-fashioned construction techniques and opted for incredibly thick leather that—especially where doubled up at the toe and heel, feels reassuringly well-built. Shod with replaceable vibram soles these boots are handmade in Portugal using a traditional Goodyear welt technique.

The Classic Racers are defined by their top-cap construction, and are available in a dark brown or an antiqued black. They run true to size and will outlast just about every other shoe or boot in your closet.


> Durable, greased vintage cowhide leather, water repellent
> Shock-absorption insole
> Ankle, heel and toe protection
> Heavy-duty rubber outsole, oil-resistant, anti-abrasion and non-slip
> Handmade in Portugal
> Height: approximately 20cm (7.9")