Rokker Iron Selvage Jeans

Rokker Iron Selvage Jeans


Meet your new best friend when it comes to cooler weather riding. The double-layer Iron Selvage jean combines a premium 11.5oz denim with a full Schoeller-Dynatec liner for abrasion resistance. Fitted into that abrasion liner are poackets to fit knee and hip armor from D3O (sold separately).

For warm weather riding, you don't give up much abrasion resistance, looks, or functionality by switching to a Rokkertech single-layer abrasion-resistant model - either the Rokkertech Slim Jeans (available in black or indigo) or the Rokkertech Slim-Stright (blue only) are both excellent choices that will whick sweat and breath well just like any paif of cotton jeans. Those qualities will work against you when it's cold out though - so this Iron Selvage becomes a go-to for riding outside the Dog Days of summer. 

The Rokker Iron Selvage Jeans offer the same premium impact and abrasion protection as the original Rokker jeans, but with a slimmer fit and more tapered leg. The Iron Selvage boast more subdued branding than previous generations, with the omission of the (somewhat-polarizing) flame-stitched pocket in favor of a refined, subtlety-branded leather tag at the waist.

Previously, Rokker’s slim-fitting jeans did not have pockets for knee and hip armor. The Iron Selvage Jeans do, while maintaining a cut that is slim to the leg, striking the perfect balance of protection and casual vibes. 


  • Straight-fit  (slim leg, tapered fit) with button fly
  • Outer material made of finest 11.5 oz denim
  • Inner material made of 100% Schoeller-Dynatec abrasion resistant, wind resistant and water repellent
  • Protector pockets on knees and hips made of 100 % Schoeller®-Dynatec (knee protectors adjustable with velcro, armor sold separately)
  • Constructed without rivets which could scratch the bike
  • Easy care (washable at 40°C, ironing after wash increases the water repellency)