Rokker is a Swiss company that’s been developing protective motorcycle gear that doesn’t look like protective motorcycle gear since 2007. It hasn’t always been perfect—until recently many of the jean models had an embroidered flames on a rear pocket, which we found to be a bit of a deal-breaker. And the products sure as hell aren’t cheap.

But Rokker prodocuts always been well conceived, and well-built, and long-lasting. And the company’s latest batch of releases feature zero flames, some incredible boots, and a new “Rokkertech” line of armor-ready, single-layer abrasion-resistant jeans (with cuts based around Levi’s 511 and 501) are lighter-weight, just as protective, and better looking than ever. They make a women’s version, too.

They’re still not cheap. The new Rokkertech jeans are twice as expensive as many motorcycle jeans. But they’re objectively twice as good, and you get what you pay for. Plus, the safety story is sound and we stand behind them.

In addition to their Rokkertech fabrics, Rokker also uses a proprietary Dynatec material it has developed working with its compatriots at nearby Schoeller, a global high-tech textile manufacturer, 

This blend of Cordura, Polymide thread and cotton is highly abrasion resistant, but also extremely wind, water and sludge resistant thanks to a medley of coatings and treatments. It’s used to construct the Black Jacket (available in men’s and women’s) and the riding Chino pant (available in black and now also in tan). Others products in the line, like the Iron Selvedge jeans, and the Rider Denim Overshirt of the same construction, are made of heavy-duty 13-oz selvedge with a full Dynatec liner underneath.