Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

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This two-piece rain suit from Nelson-Rigg offers an affordable, value-priced option for staying dry on the bike for those who don't plan on riding in the rain too often.

Coming from the same company that makes our Defender 400 motorcycle covers, this suit is going to do a great job of keeping water out.

So what's the catch? Why is it close to half the price of the Alpinestars rain gear we sell? It's heavier, for starters. Built from soft polyester with welded seams and a PVC backing, it's basically a very heavy-duty plastic suit. It's great for occasionally getting caught in the rain, but it's very old technology. Dense, crude, but effective.

If you're going to be using rain gear day in and day out as a 365-days-a-year commuter, consider invensting in a waterproof jacket and pant combo. Or double down and get a one-piece of rain gear from Alpinestars, which is made from a more modern recipe using lightweight (and more easily packable) Nylon with a waterproof, breathable coating. 

We brought this option in to be able to offer a lower price-point option for fair-weather riders. The Stormrider offers a great bang for the buck with plenty of features:

> Both the jacket and pants have reflective strips for added safety.

>The pants have elastic stirrups on the pants to keep the hems from riding up.

>The jacket has two generous pockets, and elastic waistband built into the jacket to keep it from ballooning, and an extra cinch strap to keep it in place overlapping the pants.

> The jacket also gets a corduroy lined collar for comfort, and a deployable hood for use as a destination piece—setting up or breaking camp in the rain, or just getting to the bar and back.

> Also it's backed by a two-year warranty. Just like the motorcycle cover warranty don't expect Nelson-Rigg to cover holes burned in the leg from a hot exhaust, but if a seam or some other aspect of the workmanship fails, you should be covered.

This product runs fairly true to size. If you're a size L, go with a size L suit, etc