Union Garage BMW /5

Union Garage BMW /5

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The true credit for this rad retro illustration belongs to whatever ad agency BMW hired when they launched their groundbreaking /5 series circa 1970. The company printed cloth banners bearing this image that it sent out to dealerships. Back then Butler and Smith would have been the importer and distributor in the U.S., so the banners all likely passed through their New Jersey headquarters before being dispersed to motorcycle shops around the country to hang in their showroom, looming over then-gleaming new R50/5, R60/5 and R75/5 motorcycles.

We were loaned a banner (it’s for sale, just ask this guy) to hang up for our BMW Airhead Retrospective bike show —an online version of which is coming soon. Promise. 

And if you dig this shirt design you’ll also likely like the now-45-year-old sales brochures that accompanied it.

These t-shirts are printed on high-quality U.S. made cotton stock and fit true-to-size; somewhat on the slim side if anything. Each one comes with a screen-printed label inside the collar, eliminating any chaffing from sewn-in tags. Made in California, screen-printed in Brooklyn, available exclusively through Union Garage. Also available in hoody form.