Quad Lock Bike-and-Bar Mount

Quad Lock Bike-and-Bar Mount


Quad Lock is an Australian start-up company that has developed an ingenious way to mount your phone onto your handlebars. It also offers a range of accessories that work with its phone cases. See our Quad Lock Brand Page for an overview of all company’s geeky gadgets.

The heart of this systems approach lies in the namesake “Quad Lock” — a four-toothed mechanical interface that locks Part A to Part B.

Part A in this case is a dual-density molded phone case with an integrated Quad Lock interface built into the back. Quad Lock makes dedicated cases for all the popular phone models, and it also offers a Universal Adapter with 3M adhesive to retrofit your existing phone case, GPS device or EZ-Pass.

Part B is the mount. The most popular is this Bike/Bar Mount, which attaches quickly and easily to your handlebars and uses a spring-loaded locking collet to securely orient a phone in either the portrait or landscape position. This mount works best when you have at least a couple inches of available real estate at the center of your handlebar.

Each mount comes with two different sized O-Rings, which have proven totally effective in our experience. It also comes with zip-ties for cleaner, slightly more secure mounting solution. If you're getting a phone case at the same time, check out the bundled options (which include a weather-resistant Poncho).