Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze

Hondo Garage Perfect Squeeze


*Note: The Pefect Squeeze phone mount comes as a standalone product. In order to mount it to a bike you'll need to either get a 2-bolt diamond or 4-bolt square RAM Mounts base for it, or the Hondo Low-Profile handlbar mount, shown in this photo.

The Perfect Squeeze is made from machined and anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware, and it works with just about any phone/phone-case combination on the market.

That ‘perfect squeeze’ owes to its four gripper posts sheathed in EPDM (a fancy synthetic rubber) and tapered just the right amount to grip and hold a phone securely in its jaws.

And for as tightly as it latches and holds onto a smartphone, it releases cleanly in a matter of seconds. A small spring-loaded push-button lets the Perfect Squeeze slide freely open or shut like a vise, and when you get it close to snug by hand its beefy machined clamping screw takes over, and is easy to dial in even with a gloved hand. To release, just take some tension off with the clamping screw and hit the eject button. 

Thoughtfully, that clamping screw has a ball-detent so it won't vibrate loose while riding, no matter how much road buzz it endures.

There are three ways to mount the perfect squeeze, outlined below. 1) its proprietary Low Profile Bar Clamp, 2) a super simple bar-tab mount, or 3) a RAM MOUNTS 1” ball adapter, which then opens up the whole catalog of compatible RAM products to choose from.