Rokker Riding Chinos

Rokker Riding Chinos

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There’s a lot more to these plain-front, unassuming looking pants than meets the eye. They are constructed with highly abrasion-resistant fabric called Schoeller-Dynatec, and reinforced with a secondary, extra thick layer of the same material at the armor pockets at the hips and knees. Optional D3O armor fits easily into pockets at the hips and knees.

Schoeller-Dynatec material not only provides a high level of abrasion resistance, but also helps keep out wind and water, making these discreet looking chinos the ultimate business-casual commuter pant. 

Scholler is a Swiss textile company known for high-tech textiles. Rokker is a compatriot as a Swiss motorcycle gear company that has worked with Schoeller to produce a range of DynaTec denim. We passed on the company’s denim options, which are interesting, but ultimately doomed by their embroidered flames on the pockets, conspicuous contrast stitching and over-wrought logos.

But these Chinos—these things are a home run.

It’s hard/impossible to put an MPH limit on these, but it’s easy to vouch for them being better than any standard denim or casual cotton pants.Besides brute strength Scholleralso  brings a couple other tech traits to this pant to keep them running cool and clean. A “NanoSphere” coating repels dirt and a “Coldblack” finish keeps these pants running cooler than one might expect, despite the fact they're a black pant.

To be perfectly clear, this isn’t the most protective pant you can buy. As we always say the most protection you can get is to wear a full one-piece leather suit with armor. Of if you want to stay absolutely safe stay off a motoryclce, because as soon as you get one one you start to make compromises. That said, this is a great hybrid product that, if used within its design parameters, will get you through a workday or a motorcycle crash with equal aplomb.

Even for the admittedly exorbitant price, these pants have sold themselves since we brought them into the store this summer. It’s a pant that works in a range of work or casual settings, and sure they’re a few hundred bucks more than you’d pay for a causal pant of the same basic silhouette, but these deliver confidence on the bike, and at the end of the day, the price is less than the insurance deductible you’ll need to fork over should you need skin graphs after going down at speed in Levis or Dockers.


-Classic, slim fit chino with zipper fly
-Outer material made of 100% Schoeller-Dynatec
 (non abrasive, water repellent, wind resistant)
-Mesh liner
-Armor pockets at the hips and knees are made of 100 % Schoeller-Dynatec (armor is sold separately)
-Coldblack finishing technology reflects heat and UV-rays
-NanoSphere finishing technology 
increases the water and dirt-repelling properties
-Constructed without rivets which could scratch your bike
-Easy care (washable at 40° C and ironing after wash increases the water repellency)

Fit: True-to-size. Knee armor is adjustbale. 

*Armor: available separately. Designed to work with D3O Hip armor and D3O Velcro-equipped Knee Armor.