REVIT Lombard 2 Jeans

REVIT Lombard 2 Jeans


REVIT has been making jeans for a few seasons now and it appears with their latest round of redesigns that they’re getting the hang of it. We’ve brought in their two best options.

This regular-fit Lombard 2 model is less of a Dad-cut than the looser fitting Philly 2, but apart from the cut it offers very much the same feature/function set.

The shell of this 5-pocket jean is made from of a lightweight single-layer 12.5oz Coolmax Cordura denim. This shell is tougher and longer-lasting than standard denim, but is still considered a bit of a sacrificial layer. The real abrasion protection comes from REVIT’s proprietary “Power Shield” aramid fiber fabric, which is used as a reinforcing layer at the seat and knees.

All REVIT jeans come with SeeSmart armor included at the knee—a super thin pad made of mini hexagonal mesh segments that allow great airflow and flexibility and still, somehow, meet CE Level one energy absorption tests. Moreover they’re virtually impossible to detect thanks to their thin, form-fitting shape, which makes them perfect for a riding jeans application. Hip pads made of the same material are available as an easy $20 upgrade.