Pagnol M3 Pants D3O Knee Pads - sold separately D3O Hip Pads - sold separately

Pagnol M3 Pants

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Donning a pair of armored full leather pants is not for the faint of heart. Plus, this is not generally a category where there are many options—it's either outlaw chaps or heavily branded track pants—and the lack of choice is a problem. And to that problem, the M3 pants offer a refreshing solution.

Think of it like a motorcycle pant/jean hybrid. Instead of typical Velcro waist adjusters, you get belt loops. The pants can be worn over some slim lace-up boots, with the zippered gussett open or, if the boots are low-profile enough, with the gusset closed. The pants also tuck nicely inside many boot styles. They're obviously not casual pants you're going to put for a run to the grocery store, but they don't try to be. Nor do they try to be a traditional sport bike pant, either. Instead, they're sleek, simple and purposefuly designed to add protection and style without taking anything away.

Tha M3 pants are stitched together in Mexico from 1.2mm tumble-aged cowhide that feels comfortable from Day 1.

The pants feature an airy mesh lining, brass hardware, a raised back waist for full coverage while in full flight

The fit is intended to be snug. Think: Skinny chino fit. For a more relaxed fit and feel, go up a size, but remember these pants will stretch a bit as they break in—so choose your size careflly and try to lead the target on fit. 

Each pant leg is finished with a short vertical zipper gussett at the back of the calf, backed by a pinch-preventing extra thin leather flap. Elasticated panels provide forgiving flex at the knees, and we highly recommend that since you’re going to the lengths to ride with leather pants, you splurge an extra $75 for the knee and hip armor, which is otherwise not included.

Thoughtfully, the pants’ major seams have been placed away from high impact areas, and there are pockets for hip, knee and even a tailbone pad—five pieces of armor in all.

We’ve found that D3O Evo XT Level 1 hip pads fit well into the hip-pad pockets, and with some trimming, a third hip pad fits cleanly in the tailbone protector pocket. For knees, we like the Velcro-equipped D3O Evo XT knee armor. All 5 pieces are available for an additional $70. The pants also accomodate Sas-Tec SC-1/08 or SC 1/78 hip armor pieces — again three total; two hips, one tailbone.