Knox Richmond Aramid-lined Jeans with Armor

Knox Richmond Aramid-lined Jeans with Armor

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The all-new Knox jeans offer everything we’ve been looking for in a motorcycle jean, and at a pretty compelling price to boot. Each pair comes with a full set of Knox CE-rated knee and hip armor, and a generous abrasion-resistant liner that runs a full 3/4 of the way down the jeans. Plus, the knee armor is externally removable and adjustable.

The jeans are offered in two basic variants, both of which are cut from Cordura denim, which is 4x stronger than conventional cotton jeans. The models include the aramid-lined Richmond model (available in blue or black); and the Spectra-lined Buxton model, offered only in blue. Spectra is 40 percent stronger than KEVLAR®, and for an extra $100 we feel it’s a worthy investment.

Thankfully, there are no embroidered flames or other funny business with the styling. And unlike most KEVLAR®-lined jeans on the market, these have taken into account the need for reinforced stitching at the outside seam. Traditional denim has a strong felled seam on the interior, and a fairly wimpy “mock fell” over-lock stitch connecting the outsides of the jeans. What does that mean? Most jeans’ vulnerable outside seams are liable to blow open when your bacon hits the pavement. Knox has put the stronger seam on the exterior of the jeans, making sure they stay together in a slide.

Sizing is simple, as these are offered in standard waist sizes from 30 to 40 inches, and a universal length which can be hemmed to fit by any half-sober tailor for less than $20. See the size chart for more.

> CORDURA® denim outer jeans fully lined with protective abrasion resistant aramid fiber.
> Includes Knox® CE armor for a perfect fit
> Tapered fit with a focus abrasion resistance and impact protection.
> Knox knee armor is concealed in a pocket that is accessed from the outside by an invisible zip.
> A smart system holds the knee protector against the knee when riding.
> Adjustable knee armor for the perfect fit and riding position.
> Off the bike the knee and hip protectors are removed in seconds for all day comfort.
> Extra care is taken in the construction of the lining to avoid bulky exterior seams.
> YKK Zips
> Sizes Small/30” – 3X-Large/40” (See SIZE CHART)


NOTE: These jeans are NOT made for DuPont brand KEVLAR®, but a generic material close in composition.