SPIDI City Air

SPIDI City Air


This city summer jacket from Spidi is quite simply one of the coolest-running armored jackets we’ve yet to come across. And we’ve been looking. 

As you may have noticed, it’s far less Capt. racer-boy than, well, most every other ventilated mesh jacket on the market. Thanks to its traditional four-pocket, 3/4-cut silhouette and stunning lack of logos (especially from a Euro brand), it doesn’t stand out as a motorcycle jacket at all.

But look closely and it’s borderline scary lightweight. In fact most non-critical areas are completely see through, with solid material only in the impact areas.

So what’s the catch? We always like to break understanding motorcycle gear into two separate physics lessons: Impact, and Abrasion. In terms of impact, this jacket has you covered with included shoulder and elbow armor, and it is ready to accept Spidi’s smart “Compact Warrior” back protector, which is flexible and passes CE Level 1 certification, yet has a segmented hard shell to it—offering an added degree of protection than what we see from most other brands’ back protector inserts.

Abrasion resistance is graded on a scale. The faster you’re going, the more you need.

Notably, this isn’t called the “Highway Air” jacket. Country roads? Maybe. Los Angeles city traffic? When it’s a parking lot, yes, when it’s 75mph freeway cruising, hell no.

But specifically in New York City, though, with its 25mph speed limit, congested streets, and crippling heat emanating from the patched-over bridge you’re stuck in going to work—this jacket is as good as it gets. Marginally warmer than a t-shirt, yet exponentially more protective. A nice byproduct about this jacket being so lightweight is that you can ball it up and stow it out of sight once you get to your destination. Even the back protector folds in half. Although the jacket it so lightweight, and so unassumingly styled, you might not even feel the need to take it off walking into an office, or a bar or restaurant.

With a Velcro-strap half belt to dial in fit, subtle reflective panels for riding at night, and otherwise low-key styling with plenty of impact protection, this is *the* jacket to have for inter-borough commuting in July or August.




The "Compact Warrior" Level 1 back protector offers a hard shell and flexible, comfortable back, and fastens into the City Air jacket via specific Velcro tabs.

*Sizing note: This jacket was designed in Italy and is cut trim. It’s not even offered in a small—sizing starts at medium (which fits like a small). Don't be afraid to order more than one size - returns are fast and free.