REVIT Sand Urban SeeSmart flexible CE Level 1 Armor inserts

REVIT Sand Urban


The Sand Urban jacket delivers all the basic functionality of the company’s best-selling and well-regarded SAND 3 adventure jacket—but in a slightly softer, gentler, more cuddly package.

First off, its shell is comprised of a poly-cotton blend, designed to be lighter weight and have a smoother, more-natural/less-crinkly feel to it. While softer (read: less abrasion-resistant) than the 500/600-denier material used in the Sand 3 “ADV” jacket, the Sand Urban makes up for the skimpier shell with heavy duty overlays at the elbows and shoulders, which are made from a polyester woven in a stiff, basket-like construction.

The next big difference in the Sand Urban vs. the Sand 3 is the armor, which is down-spec’d to Level 1 “SeeSmart”– a super thin pad made of mini hexagonal mesh segments that allow great airflow and flexibility and still, somehow, meet CE Level one energy absorption tests. This uber discreet armor can still be swapped out for the SeeFlex Level 2, a thicker, anatomically contoured option found stock in the Sand 3, but as-is it’s less obtrusive and helps a lower-key aesthetic.

The rest of the jacket has been similarly de-farkled—out with the reflective stripes across the chest and back (the shoulder and back logos are still 3M reflective); out with the webbing loops and various D-rings used as anchor points to attach a neck brace, and/or an action camera. It also gets a slightly different rear vent configuration, with one long horizontal zippered opening across the shoulder blades, compared to the Sand 3’s dual vertical vents.

In our opinion, this delineation is all fine, but getting gouged an extra $60 for the urban option is kind of dumb—odd product management on REVIT’s part in splitting such fine hairs.

But enough about what this jacket isn’t—let’s talk about what it is. The Sand Urban a fantastic 3-layer, 4-season, go-(just-about)-anywhere jacket that will vent like a screened-in porch in the summer thanks to two full-length arm vents, dual chest vents and big honking rear exhaust port. But with the internal layers installed—separate thermal and waterproof liners—it will also keep the rider warm, comfortable and in control.



> SeeSmart CE Level 1 protection at the elbows and shoulders (upgradable to Level 2 SeeFled protection at shoulders and elbows)
> Seesoft Back Protector -Type RV (sold separately):
>> Type RV / Size 04 fits SM-MD
>> Type RV / Size 05 fits LG-2XL
>> Type RV / Size 06 fits 3XL-4XL

Holiday Special:  We are including a FREE back protector ($50 value) with every REVIT jacket purchase, plus a FREE Union Garage T-Shirt of your choice ($30 value). We’ll ship the t-shirt by Priority Mail as soon as we get your order, and the jacket and back protector will ship as soon as REVIT re-opens their warehouse after January 1. Offer good through 2017.

We do have a full size run of jackets in-store for try on purposes, but to take advantage of the Holiday Special, you’re going to have to wait until 2018 to receive the jacket.