REVIT Sand 3 Jacket

REVIT Sand 3 Jacket


Rarely are sequels better than the originals, but by the time a company releases the third in a series of products, you can bet that they’re on to something.

The Sand 3 is the “threequel” of REVIT’s flagship ADV jacket—a huge part of the brand’s identity and success making adventure-ready, ‘round-the-world capable protective gear.

Compared it its predecessor this jacket gets bigger vents, more advanced armor, and better styling than ever.

With more bells and whistles than a Connecticut soccer-mom’s crossover SUV, it’s tempting to peg this jacket as a Jack of all trades and master of none, but the truth is it does exceptionally well in a wide variety of conditions.

The only real place it falls down is in its styling, in that there’s no way that this jacket is blending in with the herd at the local coffee shop. REVIT does offer a more snuggly “Sand Urban” version of this jacket that succeeds, somewhat, in toning down the adventurous styling with softer materials and less glaring reflective patches and straps, but by and large this jacket’s form follows its many, many functions.

That military style webbing across the shoulders and back isn’t just an affectation—it’s there to secure a Leatt or Moveo neck brace, and also provides a perch for a GoPro or other action camera. It works with a snap-on HighViz REVIT vest, too.

Its copious ventilation scheme—six mesh-lined zippered vents—are hard to miss. There’s one on each arm running practically from shoulder to wrist, two big vertical chest vents, and another pair of vertical back vents.

But when it’s 90 degrees out in the summer crank open the windows and let the breeze flow through the jacket. With all the vents fully deployed, this thing takes in fresh air like a Baleen whale inhaling a swarm of krill.

Zip those vents shut and install one or both liners—1) a thermal liner filled with synthetic loft insulation, and 2) a thin Hydratex (generic Gore-Tex) liner that blocks both wind and water—and you’re instantly ready for whatever the road throws your way.

Plenty of stash pockets inside, outside, and in back, will handle all your sundries, and like all REVIT jackets of this caliber it has both a short connection zipper as well as a full hip-to-hip zip, for tying in with compatible REVIT pants.



> See CE Level 2 protection at shoulders and elbows

> Seesoft Back Protector -Type RV (sold separately):

>> Type RV / Size 04 fits SM-MD

>> Type RV / Size 05 fits LG-2XL

>> Type RV / Size 06 fits 3XL-4XL