REVIT Bellecour Womens Leather Jacket

REVIT Bellecour Womens Leather Jacket


This is the best leather jacket REVIT has come up with in a good long while. Sadly, guys, this one’s women’s specific. But on the bright side, it’s perhaps one of the few your ladyfriend might consider wearing. (Shh. Don’t tell her it has armor.) 

But seriously, ladies, this thing rocks. The overlapping lapel of this chic asymmetrical side zip jacket snaps open when flouncing around off the bike, but provides a reassuring wind- and asphalt-proof double layer of leather when zipped up. SasTec elbow and shoulder armor come included in the price, and it’s got a pocket for an RV Type back protector.

Like all REV’IT! women’s jackets the fit on the Bellecour is flattering. Not just a shrunken men’s model, it’s a bona fide women’s specific cut. Notably, this jacket doesn’t come with any kind of liner, so consider that when deciding if you want to add a thin layer (or better yet a heated layer) for cooler-weather riding. 

Like any unventilated leather jacket, the Bellecour isn’t always an easy choice for summer riding in the city. Get out in the wind and it’ll do alright, but for peak noontime summer heat, especially on around-town rides, consider something with ventilation (like the women’s REVIT Levante, or the Aether Horizon). For spring, fall, or summer riding outside the city, the added protection of full leather plus armor is hard to beat. The Bellecour's leather is supple enough to be comforable but thick enough to offer some real protection in a slide. Plus, it’s got style for miles.