Pagnol M2

Pagnol M2


The M2 is the evolution of Pagnol’s best-selling “Neo-Classic” M1 motorcycle jacket—although this newer summer jacket trends more towards the Neo, with decidedly less deference to the Classic. 

This collar-less jacket is ideal for warm weather riding, providing ample ventilation and minimal, sporty design.

That includes perforated leather under the sleeves and along the side-front chest panels to help keep air moving. The body and sleeves are lined with further-ventilating rayon mesh, which comes with pocket for optional armor at the elbows, shoulders and back.

This jacket is cut with a slim fit, so don’t expect to be able to fit a thick cotton hoody underneath. That would mean it’s too big without the hoody, compromising fit and safety, and missing the point of this jacket. As designed, the jacket should fit snugly, but comfortably. Don’t worry—there are plenty of elasticated panels to help the cause.

The M2 is made from 1- to 1.2-mm tumble aged cowhide that will still get better with time and use. The leather itself (like any leather motorcycle jacket) will stretch to a slight degree, molding to the wearer as needed.

Thanks to stretch accordion panels at the elbow and pre-contoured sleeves the armor slots in comfortably, yet the jacket retains its shape when armor is removed.

Additional accordion stretch panels run from the shoulder blades to the back waist combine to make this a comfortable, sporty jacket even when you’re hauled over on the most aggressive of street bikes. It’s even got a drop-tail design to protect your dignity if/when the jacket rides up on you.

Like Pagnol’s signature M1, this jacket will pair nicely with the company's M3 Pants. The jacket comes with armor for a $85 up-charge. Or you can fit your own existing armor based on the dimensions listed below. 


> Snap buttons on sleeves and collar zip tab
> 2 Chest pockets w/zippers
> 2 lower front pockets w/zippers
> 2 Inner zip pocket
> Collarless neck with binding
> Extra sleeve length for riding
> Under arm stretch kevlar fabric inserts by Schoeller

 Armor pocket dimensions:
> Shoulder: 9" x 6" (See our SAS-TEC recommended armor)
> Elbow: 10" x 7" (See our SAS-TEC recommended armor)
> Back: 11" x 18"   (See our SAS-TEC recommended armor) 

*D3O shoulders, elbows and size L Viper back protector also work pretty well