Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket and Glove Kit

Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket and Glove Kit


All of these Gerbing products are available a la carte on our Heated Gear page, but we’ve tried to make the buying process easier by providing them in bundles. Plus, every jacket/glove kit combo will ship with a FREE Juno neck collar to help keep drafts from creeping up inside your helmet.

Jacket Liner: Gerbing's heated jacket liner uses patented stainless steel MicroWire heating pads with thermostats for even heat distribution and safety. Like its other MicroWire products this jacket liner will heat up to a very specific 135 degrees Fahrenheit—plenty to keep you warm, comfortable and in control.

This jacket liner is the perfect addition for any rider wanting complete comfort, regardless of the temperature. Built on a durable, wind-resistant nylon chassis, this liner comes with seven individual Microwire-powered heat zones; collar (1), chest (2), sleeves (2), and back (2).

It is designed to be worn close to the body, under your outer jacket and over a thin polyester or Merlino wool base layer. This configuration will provide the fastest and warmest heat transfer. The Microwire-powered heat zones come to full temperature in seconds. The liner also serves as "home base" for glove, pant, and sock connections.

This jacket liner features convenient cords concealed in zippered pockets at each wrist, and a additional zippered pouch inside the left hand-warmer pocket for holding your controller.

Gloves: Both the shorter-cuff Hero gloveand the Vanguard Gauntletare made from premium aniline cowhide, and insulated with 150gram Thininsulate for warmth whether they’re plugged in or not.

Plug them in, though, and you’ll immediately feel heat surging to each finger via Gerbing’s proprietary stainless steel MircoWire heating element. When it’s really cold and you’ve got to log miles on the bike, or even when it’s just moderately cold and you’d rather not be inconvenience by your chilly commute, there simply is no substitute for 12-volt heated gloves. 

Paired with the core heat provided by a Gerbing 12-volt jacket, and there’s no looking back.

*Unless you want to run your gloves without using the jacket in liner – in that case you’ll need to buy a Y-Cable, as you won’t be using the built in cabling included with the 12V Jacket liner.

A waterproof membrane, touch-screen-friendly fingertips, and a TPU knuckle guard round out the design.

Controller: It’s important to be able to modulate temperature on the fly to adjust for conditions. The goal with heated gear is to remain “temperature neutral”—not too hot, not too cold, but juuuuust right. 

Since this bundle comes with both jacket and gloves – it automatically comes spec’d with the dual controller, so you can independently adjust the heat output going to the gloves and jackets.

Battery Harness: This harness connects directly to your battery, enabling your vehicle to power your heated gear. Includes the following fuses: 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20 Amp. See fuse chart


Jacket Features:

> Heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves
> Windproof elastic cotton ribbing at waist and cuffs
> YKK Zippers
> Thermal resistors installed on each individual heading pad eliminate hot spots
> Battery harness included
> Max Heat: 135 F @ 77W
> Power: 12V DC 6.4 Amp
> Materials: Minirip shell, taffeta lining

Glove Features:

>Premium Aniline cowhide leather construction
> Microwire heating throughout glove, including to the tip of every finger
> Aquatex breathable water resistant membrane
> 150 grams of Thinsulate insulation
> Leather covered, high-impact TPU knuckle protection
> Pre-curved ergonomic fit
> Impact protected gel pads at palm
> Reflective piping
> Touchscreen compatible index finger
> Adjustable VELCRO brand wrist closure
* Vanguard gauntlet-glove option comes with all these features plus a dual-strap and extended coverage.

Dual Controller Features:

> Level temperature feature, (10 level, 1-10)
> Controls two separate heating zones
> Material: PVC & ABS
> Max Capacity: 16 Amps
> Power: 12V DC to 16V DC
> Length: 24"
> Wireless Remote required for wireless feature (sold separately)