Shoei X-14

Shoei X-14

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The X-14 is Shoei’s top-of-the-line race-inspired helmet. You too can have all the technological wind-tunnel-tested performance that top MotoGP riders enjoy—but without the full sponsored race graphics. Actually you can get those too, but the helmet looks damn good in simple solid colors—white, matte black and gloss black are offered at this price range. The Marquez graphic version whcih we don't keep in stock will set you back an additional $130.

Don’t expect this to be the quietest helmet you’ve ever tried—the priority here is on ventilation and stability at speed. But it’s still a very functional street helmet, especially for those inclined to ride in warm weather at speed.

The DOT- and SNELL 2015-compliant X-14 comes in four different shell sizes, and the fit can be fine-tuned to an even more exacting degree than all our other Shoei offerings,with a dizzying array of ways to fine-tune the interior padding.

Those spoilers on the side of the helmet can be replaced with optional, thinner flaps to customize aerodynamics, and the helmet also comes with a removable lower air spoiler that can be affixed to the chin bar to improve stability at speed.

It comes with Pinlock anti-fog shield pre-disposed for tear-off use, and also equipped with “Vortex Generators,” which generally amount to molded ridges to help streamline airflow around the helmet for those go-fast moments when you really, really don’t want to sneeze. It sounds like marketing hyperbole, but when your name is Marc Marquez and you’re clocking 200MPH laps it’s a valid feature. Plus, it’s fun to say… Vortex Generator. See?

While this helmet was definitely designed for track use, it makes a highly functional street helmet, too, for anyone who appreciates a high-performance, lightweight helmet that excels in warm weather.

Thankfully this helmet shares the same shield interface as the RF-1200. That means any of the optional tinted RF-1200 shields will click cleanly into the X.14, as will the Transitions option—all of which are Pinlock ready.

Note: the Shoei sticker above the temple has been put on after the helmet’s clear coat, and is easily removable should you so desire.