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Shoei Hornet X2

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The Hornet X2 marks a welcome evolution of the increasingly popular dual-sport helmet category. Recognizing that many Adventure Bike riders still spent plenty of time on the pavement, this helmet has been optimized for on-road use, while still offering plenty of off-road sensibility.

It retains the same general traits of its predecessor (the Hornet DS) and virtually every other dual-sport on the market—with an overhead peaked visor and a big, open eyeport, which affords excellent visibility both off-road and heads-up city situations. For reference the value-packed (and priced) Bell MX-9 Adventure is a good example of the breed. 

Unlike most other dual-sport helmets available, however, this one is actually quiet enough to hear yourself think at highway speeds. Shoei accomplishes this feat in two ways. First its cheek pads and (removable) chin curtain setup help create an airtight seal to eliminate wind noise from creeping in at the collar. Secondly, instead of a highly vented grill at the jaw bar the Hornet X2 gets a smoother mouthpiece that will still ventilate decently when the vent is opened, but at highway speeds offers a relatively much quieter ride. 

This helmet’s distinctive visor was developed to reduce buffeting and help direct airflow into the vents on top of the helmet. The peaked visor comes off, too, with the twist of a couple of thumb screws. As does the visor, which can be quickly traded out for a tinted or chrome-mirrored version.

Plus, a contoured ridge in the back of the helmet helps hold a goggle strap for extended off-road riding.

Like all the other Shoei helmets we carry this one comes with an included Pinlock anti-fog shield. The Hornet X2 is DOT and SNELL approved, and as an extra safety feature comes with emergency quick-release cheek pads, which you’ll hopefully never have to make use of.

Pricing note: Like all Shoei products this one is 10% off the standard MSRP. Same price as anywhere. Plain Black and White are considered the base colors, and all other options (even matte black) incur a slight upcharge for the more expensive paint and the time/process it takes to apply it.