Bell Qualifier DLX

Bell Qualifier DLX


The Qualifier DLX is the most value-packed helmet we offer. 

A significant step up from the decidedly un-deluxe Qualifier helmet, the DLX edition comes with an extra vent at the temple, an integrated (and removable for hot weather) chin curtain to quiet the ride, and a quality removable/washable antimicrobial liner. Last but certainly not least, it comes with a Transitions shield right out of the box—a $120 value on its own. And a Shoei Transitions shield, for reference, carries an MSRP of $170.

This is one of the best helmet features going—it modulates an automatic tint as needed when exposed to sunlight, and will “transition” back to clear at night, or about a third of the way through the Lincoln Tunnel. 

So what’s the catch? None really. It’s not SNELL rated. But it is ECE, as well as DOT (of course). ECE is the European standard and now that Bell has reclaimed its trademark in Europe (long story, up until last year Bell Europe was a completely different company) look for many of Bell’s future product releases to carry the ECE certification, which generally prioritizes having a wide, open eye port, and is tuned to excel at absorbing lower-speed impacts, which in point of fact is characteristic of most real world motorcycle accidents.

If you’re looking for a SNELL rated helmet, check out either the Bell Vortex or the Shoei RF 1200.

Otherwise it’s hard to argue with all you get with this package for just $249.95.